Funeral Information

Funerals and memorial services are services of worship conducted as a witness to the resurrection of Christ and in remembrance and celebration of the life of the one who has moved from this life to more life. Such services usually include praise and thanksgiving to God for the gift of a life, affirmation of our trust in God’s gift of life eternal in Jesus Christ, words of comfort to those who mourn, and the remembering of the life that has ended.

Services are conducted for all members of First Presbyterian Church and their immediate family. In special circumstances, funerals or memorial services may be conducted for non-members.

To arrange for a funeral or memorial service, please call the church office at 585-343-0505. The pastor will normally meet with the family or friends of the deceased to plan the service and offer pastoral care. We also offer grief support booklets for family members for the first year.

In all of this we seek to journey with those who are grieving by embodying these words by Howard Thurman:

“I share with you he agony of your grief, the anguish of your heart finds echo in my own. I know I cannot enter all you feel nor bear with you the burden of your pain; I can but offer what my love does give: The strength of caring, The warmth of one who seeks to understand the silent storm-swept barrenness of so great a loss, this I do in quiet ways, that on your lonely path you may not walk alone.”