Empowerment and Education

In addition to direct help, we work to partner with individuals and groups to provide education and community support. We believe that education is one of the best tools to eliminate poverty and to allow people to become self-sufficient.

Guatemala Partnership: We partner with the people of a small village in Northern Guatemala by the name of Santa Maria Tseza to help provide education and community social structures for children and adults who are trying to rebuild their community after being displaced by war in the 1980s. We give funds every year for scholarships and for school development for the children of that village. We have also teamed up with Gates Presbyterian Church to visit the village and to continue partnering with them in the self-development.

Farm Worker Ministry/Mitten Tree: We support the ABCD Child Care Center which provides high quality early childhood education, health, and social services for farm worker families. Our youth volunteer there during the summer by being teacher assistants once or twice a week. We also support the work by giving funds and clothing for children. The annual Mitten Tree celebration we have is an invitation to donate coats, gloves, hats and other winter clothing for the children of the farm workers.

School Backpacks: Every summer we partner with a couple of community groups to provide backpacks and school supplies for children in need in our area. This is a great way to help children start the school year on the right foot.

Emily Holt Scholarship Fund: In 2003 a tragedy struck one of our church families. A young woman, a senior in high school, Emily Holt, the daughter of Maureen Adams died suddenly of cardiac arrest. It was a tragic loss for Maureen and her family. The loss which Maureen experienced was and is beyond any consolation. But God spoke to the members of our church to help keep the memory of Emily Holt alive among us. In 2004, the deacons of the church listened and established a scholarship fund for graduating high school students. They work hard every year to raise funds to give as a gift to youth who live in the example of Emily’s life and faith. Through the love of the deacons, Emily’s life will always be a gift of inspiration and faith for this church and its young people.

Worldwide Christmas Fair: The World Wide Christmas Fair is a mission project of our church where once a year we have a day when we invite different vendors to sell their products in our church. Most of the items that The purpose is: 1) to support and promote businesses that follow fair trade practices in partnering with artisans in developing countries around the world, helping the artisans build better lives for their families and communities; 2) to raise awareness of and support local not-for-profit agencies and missions: and 3) provide the community with a venue for purchasing quality, hand-crafted items at reasonable cost.