December Message from the Pastor

Monthly Message from the Pastor

December 2019

The story of the birth of Jesus is an incredible gift to our lives and to our world. It reminds us of the truth we often forget: We matter to God! This story of love can reverse our expectations and transform our fears to live by a story of hope, joy, and love. In the retelling of this story, we rediscover its power each year. I am grateful that this year we will be retelling this story and entering into its wonder in a variety of ways. I hope that God will touch your heart in a new way this Advent and Christmas season through one or all of the following events and activities:

  1. Down to Earth Sermon Series: This is a sermon series which will encourage and challenge us to celebrate and live by the amazing story of God’s humble entry into our human experience. It is hard to imagine the Creator of the Universe being embodied in the vulnerable birth of a human baby. Yet, this gift of the birth of Jesus is about showing us that the true way to live is through love, humility, active choices of following the way of Christ, and prayer. Each Sunday in Advent we will speak, pray, sing, and ponder the mystery of Christmas.
  2. Advent in Action Calendar: This is a calendar of actions, gifts, and scriptures to help you worship fully, spend and stress less, and give more love. You may pick up a printed copy of this calendar at church or go to for a digital copy.
  3. Devotionals: We have Advent devotionals for all ages available at church for you to use. They will be available in the Welcome Center starting Sunday, November 24.
  4. Christmas Songs at TF Browns: On December 9th, from 5 to 8 pm, we are invited to join the Arise Band as they sing Christmas songs while people eat dinner at TF Browns.
  5. Christmas Eve Eve Worship: On December 23, from 7 to 8 pm, we will begin the celebration of Christmas through a multimedia worship service in the chapel. Christmas Eve Worship: On December 24, from 7-8, we will continue our beloved tradition of a Spirit-filled Christmas Eve service in the sanctuary.
  6. Recovery WOW New Year’s Eve Party: On December 31 from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am, we will ring in the new year together. We are partnering this year with GCASA to host a fun alcohol-free New Year’s party with games, music, and food. We will ring the church bell at midnight!

No matter where you are on the journey of faith, take time to let God’s love enfold your heart this season so that the miracle of the birth of Christ will be a new source of joy in and through your life! Invite friends and family who need the gifts of this season. Reach out in love to spread the good news of the great joy of Christmas!

Advent and Christmas Blessings,

Pastor Roula Alkhouri


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