Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women began in the 1800s and is open to all women of the church. The women gather to support each other in growing in faith and service. They are involved in prayer, spiritual growth, friendship, and mission. Our women have several ongoing ministries that fulfill their vision.

  • Prayer Shawls: This is an open group of knitters that meet on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. during the school year to knit prayer shawls or lap robes which we give to those who are sick or going through a difficult time in life. Also the women knit baby blankets for babies in the congregation and baby hats which we give to newborn babies at United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia. All these items are surrounded by the prayers of our women. They pray over each item that it may bring healing and wholeness to the recipients.
  • Bereavement Meals: Whenever there is a memorial or funeral service in our congregation, the Presbyterian Women are the ones responsible for the reception or meal following the service. They work closely with the families to ensure that the meal is according to their wishes and plans. It is a very caring ministry that provides nurture at a time of great pain.
  • Congregational Life Meals: Presbyterian Women prepare several meals during the year for a variety of celebrations in our church life such as the annual meeting of the congregation, the stewardship luncheon, the Mitten Tree luncheon, rally day, the 20/30 Club dinners, and mission speakers’ Sundays.
  • Coffee Cans: These rehab center at the Genesee County Center often uses padded coffee cans with patients for their physical therapy which the patients take home with them to continue the therapy process. Our women pad the cans and cover them with beautiful cloth so that they can be donated to the rehab center. They often gather for work days at the church and have lunch as part of this ministry. A great way to help others and to grow in friendship!
  • Special Offerings: The women give generously of themselves to help others. They participate in the national Thank Offering every year. They give the ingredients of a Thanksgiving Dinner for a large family every year. They also sponsor a family each year around Christmas time through The Salvation Army to provide them with clothing and gifts.
  • Christmas Party: This has become an annual tradition of faith, fun, and friendship. The women gather on the first Monday of December at 5:00 p.m. for a dinner and gift exchange party. They invite friends and neighbors to join them in this fun evening. Women of all ages are welcome!