Our Team

Rev. Dr. Roula Alkhouri

Rev. Dr. Roula Alkhouri has been the pastor of Batavia First Presbyterian since 2007. Roula is a passionate about preaching, teaching, nurturing faith, social justice and helping people live to their fullest potential. She believes that love changes everything and that Jesus embodied love fully in the world. Prior to serving in Batavia, she served in ministry in Oregon, Alaska, and Kentucky. Her roots go back to the Middle East where she grew up in Damascus, Syria and was blessed to be part of the Presbyterian and Catholic communities there.



Organist & Sanctuary Service Music Leader: Melanie Case

Arise Music Leader: Ben Vacanti

Tech Engineers: Paul Daniszewski & Jason Rowe


Nursery Attendants: Elizabeth Gouinlock and Meto Reinhardt

Youth Ministry: Ben Vacanti and Dana Warren

School Partnership: Caroline Janofsky & Lisa Gilebarto

Vacation Bible School Leader: Wendy Daniszewski

Weekly Bible Devotionals

Written by Pastor Roula Alkhouri


Questions for God: What Happens When We Die?


Questions for God: Who Are You?